Radiological Services

Green Technologies Technical Services (GreenTech); a licensed training and consultancy agency by AELB; provides trainings and consultancy for sectors involved with radioactive sources and irradiating appliances. The training provides the understanding of the principles of Radiation Safety Management. The training amongst workers handling or exposed to ionization radiation could prevent or control radiation hazards. It is in line with the requirement of the Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984 (Act 304) which require all those involve with the use of ionising radiation (industry, medical, manufacturing, agricultural and research) to have a competent Radiation Protection Officer and trained radiation workers.

The consultancy service is required when any organisation intends to apply or maintain license under Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1994 (Act 304). Both are to ensure the legislative requirement under Act 304 is adhered. 

Our services are as follows:


   Temporary Radiation Protection Officer

   Preparation of Radiation Protection Program; Emergency Plan Program and Security Plan

   AELB License Application

   Radiological Monitoring & Contamination Services 


   Radiation Safety – Awareness / Refresher (AELB 8 CEP points)

   TENORM Safety Awareness (AELB 15 CEP points)

   Basic Radiation Safety Awareness  (AELB 15 CEP points; DOSH 10 CEP points)


   Radiation survey equipment